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If you have found us, you have just stumbled across one of the greatest projects in this space. Little Ninjaz have been created to show people just how great this new digital renaissance is.

Welcome to Little Ninjaz NFT’s.

If you have found us, you have just stumbled across one of the greatest projects in this space. Little Ninjaz have been created to show people just how great this new digital renaissance is. Our Aim is to create a project that will give our holders financial freedom. We begin with 500 V1 Little Ninjaz, this may seem like a small number but with good reason. The first 500 owners of Little Ninjaz will be greatly rewarded for supporting the project in its beginning.

Check out our white paper, full details in our gitbook here.
White Paper

If you have read our white paper you now realise that these Little Ninjaz are no ordinary NFT. They are a golden ticket to a future of passive income that will only grow with each version. Unlike any other projects the full profits from original sales will be invested back into the project. The only way the dev team makes any profits are from royalties.

We are well on our way to to achieve the next step. As soon as the sales of all 500 V1 Little Ninjaz is complete, the V2 3D Little Ninjaz will begin production 5000 in total and to reward our foundation holders all V1 holders will receive a free V2 Little Ninjaz NFT. If you are wondering what he V2s.

Check out our roadmap here

About the Creator.

My name is Marco Medici, I am just a working man who has spent most his life working hard to provide and build a solid future for my family.

I have been many things, and worked in many industries. I am currently in a job I love and make a great income, but it means I am away from my family for long periods of time. This project is as much for me as it is for you. I have no interest in being a one hit wonder.

The aim of Little Ninjaz is to build a community and create a project that, will give the benefit of a passive income by supporting the project to all involved.

Say hi and get to know me better on our discord, my discord name is [NOT]MarcoMedici#6850 I would love to hear your story and get to know you there

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Little Ninjas Timeline

In The Beginning

Our mission is simple develop 500 Little Ninjaz NFTs to fund the evolution of our future endeavors

Here We Go

Once we sell our initial 500 Little Ninjaz V1 we will begin creation of V2 3D Little Ninjaz

Growing Our Community

We will use our website discord and socials to grow our community and begin the creation of our DAO

NFT Game

Proceeds from V2 Little Ninjaz will go into the building of the Little Ninjaz Game


Remaining funds will go into the DAO treasury and systems will be put in place to reward holders and shakers with airdrops and APY for staking

Final Version

Finally V3 Little Ninjaz will be developed as avatars for the Metaverse

Our Path



Concept of Little Ninjaz was to create a pathway to a financially free future with a likeminded community



We have completed our V1 mint and are building our community awareness



It is our aim to develop a strong community that has the foresight to see the new digital renaissance that this age brings and together build towards financial freedom



If we have sold all 500 Little Ninjaz V1 we will begin developing V2 3D Little Ninjaz



5000 V2 Little Ninjaz will go on sale in this quarter to help fund the development of the NFT game and the DAO treasury



We will through the implementation of the DAO treasury buying blue chip NFTs and investing in crypto mining and other DAOs create a passive income for all Little Ninjaz holders

Our Collection

Our Collection

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